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Why Montessori?

The main objective of Montessori program, and therefore also of the Montessori Education Center is to help each child reach their full potential in all areas of life. Everything a child does, serves his social and emotional development, improvement of his physical coordination and preparation for the cognitive learning. A holistic approach, supervised by a qualified teacher, lets them experience "the joy of learning" (from: A.Łukaniuk-Quintanila, Maria Montessori School, p.43)


Integrative Montessori Kindergarten is a place carefully prepared for the little man. A place, in which he feels safe and happy and discovers the world around him with interest, falls into the first peer relationships and friendships. Where with supportive guidance of an adult, a child independently walks the path of experiments and discoveries to his own autonomy.



What does this mean? This means that an adult finds time for the questions and needs of a child. All activities are undertaken by the child on a voluntary basis and also based on his interests, using movement, so the spontaneous joy of children is triggered, creative thinking developed and children learn self-reliance and cooperation in the group.

We have prepared the area of the kindergarten with exceptional care so that children felt good and safe here. Children need incentives to develop, but above all they feel comfortable in a structured environment as it gives them a sense of security. Therefore the classrooms are structured and ordered, the decor is aesthetic, but sober so that too many incentives wouldn’t overwhelm the developing nervous system of the young organism.

The environment is divided into zones designating their destiny. This makes the space known and understood for the child, and thus accepted and treated as a second home. In addition, a big advantage of the kindergarten is the psychological – speech therapy office and the Sensory Integration activities room, that help execute the support of children’s developmental needs on the spot.

The years between the second and sixth years of age, i.e. pre-school age, is a time of comprehensive, spontaneous development and unlimited opportunities, a time of a preparation of the little man for life. The aim of Montessori education is a child’s development according to his internal potential. A child develops in an environment from which he gets his own experience. The task for the adults is to prepare the environment in such way so it encouraged, attracted to the activity, and in relation with an active child primarily developed his capabilities and interests.

Kindergarten aims to develop a child's capabilities and capacities at all levels of development. Learning the alphabet and the numbers is an extremely important skill in a student's career, but it's not everything. It is even more important that the little man grows in harmony of his physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual needs, while his dignity is respected and he feels safe and fully accepted.