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Recruitment 2015/2016

Choosing a kindergarten is an extremely difficult and responsible decision. A decision, which should have impacts on the whole life of a young man. Kindergarten indeed, is not only a modest step towards the school, but it is the first step in self-growth through life and exploring the world around us.

The time of pre-school education, is the time to prepare your child for life and the Montessori pedagogy implies adoption of certain principles resulting from a particular philosophy to the world and life.

Quite often our working methods, the measures that we use to show the world to the children, are far different from those commonly known. Therefore as a first step of the recruitment process we offer you a one-day long workshop on the objectives of the Montessori pedagogy, in order to let you make a choice that’s conscious and complies with the conviction that what we offer to the children in our community, primarily agrees with your value system and way to lead your children through life.

Those who have completed the introductory workshop and who are convinced that Montessori education is the same as their way of looking at the child and education, we invite to the second stage, in which an individual meeting with the director of both parents will be held, they can talk about our work, see the activities conducted in the classroom and take a good look at our kindergarten. In each classroom we provide space for children with special developmental needs.

The recruitment procedure for children with an opinion regarding integrative or special education is extended with the stage of consultation and diagnose held by our rehabilitation team in order to inform you what our kindergarten may propose in response to the needs of your child. The process of consultation and diagnose consists of three to five sessions with specialists, one-on-one with pedagogue and the child and in the process of group activities in classroom.
The final, formal stage of the recruitment for The Integrative Montessori Kindergarten is filing in all the recruitment documents in the office, signing a civil - legal contract regarding conduction of education and child care and paying a one-time setup fee.

If you would like to sign in for the next workshop on Montessori pedagogy, please contact us by phone: (+48 22) 615-28-03 or 0668 59 64 64 or via e-mail: sekretariat.cem@gmail.com