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Preschooler’s Layette

A child, coming to the kindergarten, needs personal items, that will allow people looking after children to conduct care over them, guaranteeing safety and hygiene.

Below the layette’s equipment needed by every preschooler is listed:

  • 2 sets of clothes to change (3-4 pieces of underwear, 2 pieces socks or tights, 2 blouses, shorts or a skirt)
  • Comfortable shoes to change, excluding: slippers, soft materials, slippery shoes, shoes airtight, with shoelaces  (unless the child can tie them), because we implement a child to independence at the level of his potential
  • Comfortable sleeping gown / pajamas  (if the child will be sleeping in the kindergarten)
  • Bed linens (pillow, blanket, sheets)
  • A signed kit for teeth cleaning (mug, brush, toothpaste
  • A4 size file with a 100 pieces of plastic cladding
  • Signed textile bag of clothes for gymnastics: White T-shirt and dark shorts