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Requirements posed on the child by the kindergarten

Starting education in a kindergarten group is a real challenge. As each new stage in life, it comes along with both, new rights and opportunities as well as with new challenges. Below the requirements of a kindergarten group towards a child are listed:

  • First of all only children emotionally ready for separation from a parent, and adaptation in a new environment may attend a kindergarten group.

  • A situation in which a child for a continuous time, while his attendance to the group is regular, shows strong anxiety, hysteria, or is experiencing separation anxiety so badly that it affects the positive emotional and social development is alarming.

  • Or when a child, unable to adapt well in the new environment, begins to exhibit difficult behavior: for example, strong aggression, which does not pass within a few weeks working with a parent and child, self-injury, or other troubling behavior.

  • Secondly, only a child independent in the simplest self-service may attend a kindergarten group, i.e.: can independently move, communicates verbally in a comprehensible speech or is able to replace it with adequate, can dine on his own, uses the toilet and indicates his physiological needs. Montessori group includes about 25 people, children of different age (within a difference of maximum 4 years between them), which is why such sensitive activities as those mentioned above should be conducted at home or in a special group for children being prepared for entry into a large group.

  • Children with special developmental needs should be treated particularly, taking into account their physical, emotional and intellectual abilities and possibilities, when deciding in which group to put the child in.

  • Children who have not yet reached kindergarten age - 2.5 - 3 years, or are not yet ready to attend a kindergarten classroom, can attend classes the Toddlers group, which in the 2010/2011 school year will focus on 12 children aged 1,8 - 4 years. This group will be lead by a kindergarten teacher and a special pedagogue, who will be revalidating the children with special educational needs in this class.